Rajasthan – the Land of Kings and Maharajas is appropriately called because of the nearness of different traditions. It was governed by the Mauryan Dynasty in 321-184 BC followed by the ascent of the Rajput period during the ninth century. Rajputs are considered as the most persuasive and amazing line undefeatable soul and energy. The medieval period denoted the standard of the Mughal Empire in the area adhered to by British Rule till India’s autonomy.

Rajasthan may be a state of grandeur. With stunning forts, exuberant palaces, beautiful temples and a number of other other top places, the state provides the simplest options for travellers to explore. The state is legendary for its fascinating history, traditions and unique culture. Places to go to in Rajasthan, the most important state of India should get on your bucket list if you would like to explore the traditional history of India.

Once you’re within the state, the colourful roads and vintage buildings will teleport you the amount of the good Maharajas and Maharanis. So, within the summer of 2021, head to the state of Rajasthan and enjoys the royal splendour. this text brings you the highest 22 places to go to in Rajasthan.

12 Best Cities to go to in Rajasthan Tours

The state of Rajasthan boasts about its beautiful cities. Each of those colourful cities is special in its own way. Above all, when in Rajasthan, you’ll be spoilt for choices. So, here is our curated list of 12 best places to go to in Rajasthan to feel and luxuriate in the grandeur of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer Rajasthan Tours Package: All that glows are from here
Jaipur Rajasthan Tours Package: the superb fort city
Jodhpur Rajasthan Tours Package: For a royal experience
Bundi Rajasthan Tours Package: Visit a Boari
Bikaner Rajasthan Tours Package: To more temples and forts
Pushkar Rajasthan Tours Package: Colors everywhere
Ajmer Rajasthan Tours Package: Visit the Dargah Sharif
Udaipur Rajasthan Tours Package: the town of Lakes
Mt.Abu Tour Package: The Rajasthani Hill station
Sawai Madhopur Tour Package: For wildlife lovers
Bharatpur Tour Package: Sheer beauty and zip else
Alwar Tour Package: For History lovers

Jaisalmer Tour Package:
The city of Jaisalmer has another name, the ‘Golden city’. it’s located at the guts of the Thar Desert. the town is filled with luxuriant forts, beautiful palaces and tranquil temples. Jaisalmer city is legendary for its rich culture and age-old traditions. it’s been named after the good Maharaja Jaisal Singh. the opposite highlight of the town is that the sand-dunes, which are eye-catching. Jaisalmer tops as Rajasthan’s must-visit cities, attracting travellers from everywhere the planet . per annum , the town hosts the gala Desert Festival, showcasing Rajasthani art forms and folklore.
Nearest Airport: Jodhpur Aiport
Nearest Railway Station: Jaisalmer railroad station

Jaipur Tour Package:
The city of Jaipur is additionally called because the ‘Pink City’. it’s the capital city of the Rajasthan state. the good Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh built the town within the 18th century. the town houses many historic monuments and heritage buildings. The state is well-linked to different parts of the country. last , The ever-charming pink city is unquestionably to not miss if you’re a history lover. The streets of the town are very vibrant and buzzing. Never miss the bazaars once you are here.
Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Jaipur Junction railroad station

Jodhpur Tour Package:
The royal city of Jodhpur was the yesteryear capital of the Mewar state. the town has stunning forts, temples and palaces. This royal city lures several travellers from the planet . Jodhpur also has as another name. It called the ‘Blue City’. Wondering why? Near the Mehrangarh Fort, there are several beautiful blue houses and hence the name. The Jodhpur city can cast a spell of magic on you, once you step in!
Nearest Airport: Jodhpur airport
Nearest Railway Station: Jodhpur JunctionRailway station

Bundi Tour Package:
At about 120 Km from the Jaipur city, is that the less explored City of Bundi. Being the origin and native place of the tribe Bunda Meena, the town features a famous past. With beautifully designed forts and buildings, the town offers stunning sights. the town is legendary for Boaris or step wells. Boari is an ancient well-like structure to store water. once you are Bundi, never miss photographing a Boari.
Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Bundi railroad station

Bikaner Tour Package:
The next beautiful city on the curated list is Bikaner. This city is popular for its Camel Festival. Several people everywhere the planet , head to Bikaner, to witness this gala festival. The Camel festival takes place within the month of January and February. Above all, the town also houses the foremost famous sweet stall. it’s called the Bikanervala and it sells many yummy sweets and snacks. don’t miss the sweet shop, when in Bikaner.
Nearest Airport: Jodhpur airport
Nearest Railway Station: Bikaner Junction railroad station

Pushkar Tour Package:
One of the foremost famous places to go to within the Rajasthan is Pushkar. the town hosts the colorful Puskar camel fair. many people rush to the town to witness the riot of colors . The Pushkar city also has the Brahma temple, which also brings during a lot of devotees. the opposite special event within the city is that the Pushkar lake evening aarti. Being a well-liked Hindu pilgrimage site, the Pushkar aarti happens during a grand manner. Get your cameras able to photograph this beautiful event.
decorated camel in pushkar
Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Ajmer Junction railroad station

Ajmer Tour Package:
Ajmer is another important city in Rajasthan. The must-visit within the city is that the Dargah Sharif. This Dargah houses the shrine of the good Sufi saint, Moinuddin Chishti. Being the foremost popular place of worship in Rajasthan, Ajmer pulls during a lot of devotees to urge blessings from the Dargah.
Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Ajmer Junction railroad station

Udaipur Tour Package
Amongst the opposite best cities, Udaipur may be a little special. Fondly called because the City of Lakes, the cities beauty is heart-stopping. The magnificent city was also the yesteryear capital of the Mewar Kingdom. once you are within the city, you’ll enjoy visiting several attractions just like the City Palace, Jagdish temple, Lake Palace. If you’re getting to visit the town , prefer to travel in winters.
Nearest Airport: Maharana Pratap Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Udaipur railroad station

Mt.Abu Tour Package:
Mt. Abu is that the only hill station of the Rajasthani state. Hence, it’s quite special. it’s located within the Aravalli ranges lining the border of Rajasthan. it’s the fondest attraction within the state because it’s the simplest escapade from the town buzz. If you would like to experience the cool climate of Rajasthan, head to Mt. Abu and rejuvenate yourselves. Mt. Abu is indeed a requirement when it involves places to go to in Rajasthan
Nearest Airport: Udaipur Aiport
Nearest Railway Station: Abu road railroad station

Sawai Madhopur Tour Package:
Sawai Madhopur is one among the foremost popular places to go to within the Rajasthan state. The speciality of the state is that the Ranthambore park . This Park houses the National animal and hence its the destination of pride. The park may be a UNESCO heritage site and one among the simplest National Parks in Rajasthan.
Nearest Airport: Jaipur Aiport
Nearest Railway Station: Sawai Madhopur railroad station

Bharatpur Tour Package:
Amongst the favored cities within the state of Rajasthan, Bharatpur has carved its own place. This magnificent city is found 600 ft above water level . it’s fondly called ‘The Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan’. Bharatpur also houses the Keoladeo park . Visit the park and say Hello to the wildlife of Rajasthan. This city may be a must-visit in Rajasthan if you’re a wildlife lover.
Nearest Airport: Delhi International Aiport
Nearest Railway Station: Bharatpur railroad station

Alwar Tour Package:
The Alwar city was founded by Raja Pratap Singh in 1770. If you’re curious to go to the Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan, then Alwar is that the place to be. aside from this, the town is additionally known for its magnificent buildings. Rajputana history features a lot of real happenings based in Alwar. Hence amongst the foremost visited cities in Rajasthan, Alwar is exclusively for the History lovers.
Nearest Airport: Sanganer Aiport
Nearest Railway Station: Alwar Junction

Top 10 Historical attractions in Rajasthan

Your Rajasthani vacation isn’t complete if you don’t visit these top historical monuments. These monuments take you to the past, assist you discover about the good Maharajas and Maharanis. Above all, these forts also are designed by talented artisans of the traditional period.

Jaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer Fort tops the list of places to go to in Rajasthan. This fort is proudly called the Golden fort of Rajasthan. The walls shine like gold as it’s built with yellows sandstone. you want to visit the fort at the time of sunset and witness this exuberant beauty. The sun rays fall on the building and make it glow, which is indeed a sight to not miss. The Fort is additionally known for Havelis, Jain temples and Laxminath temple.

City Palace
The City Palace in Jaipur may be a must-visit place once you are within the Rajasthani state. This Palace was the residence of the good Maharaja of Jaipur. it had been built by the King of Amber, Raja Jai Singh II within the 18th century. The Palace is found within the city center of Jaipur and straightforward to access also .

Mehrangarh Fort: For History lovers
The Mehrangarh Fort is shortly called the Mehran Fort. Being one among the most important forts in India, the Mehrangarh Fort may be a historical icon. The Fort has seven entrance gates, which was built to commemorate victory in various wars. These seven gates are the highlights of the Fort. you’ll also spot cannonballs within the Fort, take an image by posing before them!

Ranthambore Fort: An architectural marvel
The Ranthambore Fort is found deep inside the Ranthambore park . The Fort is additionally listed as a UNESCO heritage site. This attraction features a lot of historical stories to inform . Hire a guide once you visit the fort and find out its past. you’ll encounter tons of war stories from the past.

Taragarh Fort: The Royal Fort
This Fort is ranked together of the simplest places to go to in Rajasthan. The Fort’s architecture is just impressive. it had been constructed within the 16th century with the famous artisans of the past. So, make sure that you visit the fort once you are in Bundi. Once you’re here, you’ll feel the grandeur of the fort just by gazing at it. The fort also introduces you to Rajasthani royal history.

Chittorgarh Fort: the most important Fort
When you are in Rajasthan, never miss the Chittorgarh Fort. The Fort is one among the most important forts within the State. This fort is understood to be built at the time of the Mewars. The tour guides near the fort, take you round the fort and tell you stories from the past.

Kumbhalgarh Fort: The Grand Grand Fort
The Fort of Kumbalgarh was inbuilt the late 15th century. There are five entry gates to the fort namely Aret Gate, Halla Gate, Vijay Gate, Ram Gate, Hanuman Gate. within the already dark , the fort is illuminated by lights and is indeed a spectacular sight to ascertain .

Amer Fort: Embrace Royalty
The architecture of the fort is extremely impressive and hence pulls variety of tourists. The Amer fort is one of the highest 10 places to go to in Rajasthan and is additionally a well-liked Bollywood shooting spot. Films like Bajirao Mastani and Jodha Akbar has been shot here. the main highlight of the fort is that the light and sound show that takes place within the evening.

Bhangarh Fort: For a spooky adventure
Bhangarh Fort is that the spookiest fort in India. you’ll not be allowed to go to the fort post-sunset. The fort is unquestionably for the journey junkies. There are several myths and stories that revolve round the fort. you’ll hire a tourist guide at the doorway and luxuriate in the exploration as you’re enjoying the stories. Visit the haunted fort and obtain an unforgettable experience.

Feel the brilliant sands of Rajasthan’s delightful desert wave and move under the shine of the setting sun. Investigate brilliant royal residences, which reverberation with murmurs of their imperial legacy. Test lovely neighborhood cooking styles that follow plans passed on for ages. India’s most regal state welcomes you to drench yourself in horde beautiful encounters and have a mind-blowing occasion.

The dynamic clothing, stunning customary people music and move, diverse works of art, the non-indistinguishable dialects and vernaculars, the peppery unrestrained cooking and the enticing bright environment essentially mirrors the lavishness of conventions and culture of Rajasthan.