Prepare for mammoth national parks, dynamic Māori culture, and world-class surfing and skiing. New Zealand Tour Package can be smooth or activity stuffed, however it’s consistently epic.

Auckland – New Zealand Tour Package
Auckland is one among New Zealand’s oldest and most historic cities, and also its largest and most populous. It also is one among the foremost important tourist hubs of the country. Situated by 2 large harbours, this vibrant city combines natural beauty and city flamboyance, drawing in visitors for leisure travel.

Queenstown – New Zealand Tour Package
This little town within the Southern Island isn’t for the faint hearted! With a plethora of activities for the joys seeker, including some marvellous and picturesque attractions make Queenstown quite memorable visit.

Rotorua – New Zealand Tour Package
Considered to be an epitome of the flourishing Maori culture, the tinsel town is about on volcanic landscape and enveloped in stunning mountain peaks, meandering streams, dense woods, mesmerizing waterfalls and a number of other gorgeous water lakes.

Wellington – New Zealand Tour Package
Known for its vibrant creative culture that’s intensified by the splendid cuisine, delicious wine, world class craft beer and kicking coffee, Wellington is that the capital city and therefore the most populous urban town in New Zealand.

Christchurch – New Zealand Tour Package
Christchurch is New Zealand’s third largest city and therefore the largest city of the South Island . it’s a hub for English culture and heritage in New Zealand, combined with a number of the simplest gardens within the world, earning it international acclaim because the ‘Garden City’.

Te Anau – New Zealand Tour Package
A small peaceful town within the South Island of latest Zealand, yet amazingly beautiful.

Dunedin – New Zealand Tour Package
Cosily tucked up within the steep hills of the Otago region within the South Island area, Dunedin is that the best-kept secret of latest Zealand. Named so due to the Gaelic name for Edingburgh, Dun Eidann, the town is additionally popularly referred to as the “Edinburgh of latest Zealand”.

Tauranga – New Zealand Tour Package
Situated within the north-western corner of the Bay of Plenty, Tauranga is that the most populous city within the region and therefore the fifth largest populated area in New Zealand. Circumscribed by Auckland, Rotorua and Hamilton, Tauranga is home to a number of the world’s most stunning beaches, the majestic Mount Maunganui.

Bastion Point – New Zealand Tour Package
Bastion Point may be a scenic destination located in Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand. it’s basically a huge expanse of coastal land that overlooks the Waitemata Harbour. Its charming surroundings draw a substantial number of tourists annually .

Hunua Ranges – New Zealand Tour Package
Hunua Ranges are located within the North Island of latest Zealand. The destination is situated to the southeast of Auckland City and may be a block of hilly terrain that forms the suburb. This destination thus features a rich source of natural reservoirs and dense forests.

Napier – New Zealand Tour Package
Burrowed into Hawke’s Bay on New Zealand’s North Island , Napier is that the country’s 6th largest populated area . A romantically evocative city replete with buildings that ooze old-world charm and aesthetic, this port-city hugging the North Island’s East Coast , lies 300 km faraway from the capital Wellington.

Waipara – New Zealand Tour Package
Located just 60 kilometres north of the town of Christchurch, the tiny valley town of Waipara boasts of getting the foremost flavourful and well-made wines during this a part of the country. With vineyards that stretch into the space , surrounded by gentle hills, Waipara is great for a weekend trip.

Kaikoura – New Zealand Tour Package
Kaikoura, which lies on the East Coast of the South Island of latest Zealand, is that the perfect place for a weekend getaway from the cities of Picton or Christchurch. It boasts of getting the foremost successful whale and dolphin spotting tours, with an almost hundred per cent spotting rate.

Waitomo Caves – New Zealand Tour Package
Tucked away beneath the luxurious hills of Waitomo along the north-western section of the North Island of latest Zealand are the Waitomo Caves. A long, serpentine, highly interconnected system of subterranean caves are waiting to be explored by eager tourists from round the world.

Wanaka – New Zealand Tour Package
One of the foremost prizely-held gems of latest Zealand’s South Island is that the charming little town of Wanaka, located around 70 km faraway from the journey capital of the planet , Queenstown.

Bay of Islands – New Zealand Tour Package
Located over 200 km north of Auckland on New Zealand’s North Island lies the tropical haven of the Bay of Islands. Skirting the sting of the northern tip of the island, the Bay of Islands is replete with stunning white sand beaches, perfect surf and a dizzying array of diving opportunities.

Franz Josef Glacier – New Zealand Tour
A four and a half hour drive from Queenstown leads you to Franz Josef Glacier and to a number of the foremost incredible landscapes on the earth , and in New Zealand, that’s saying quite something, designated as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO

Nelson – New Zealand Tour
Nestling on the northwestern tip of latest Zealand’s North Island is that the vibrant and charming coastal town of Nelson. a shocking landscape and spell-binding views of the ocean and idyllic viewpoints are only the start of the allure of Nelson.

Picton – New Zealand Tour
This charming town situated on the northern end of latest Zealand’s South Island is understood for its eclectic personality. the amount of boutique cafes that serve scrumptiously good coffee and food, art galleries, and great restaurants all combine to make a seaside town that features a distinctly unique vibes.

Fox Glacier – New Zealand Tour
Squeezed in between the Franz Josef glacier and its younger, equally impressive Fox glacier is that the small township of Fox Glacier. The town’s economy is nearly entirely driven by the tourism industry that the glaciers bring.

Wineries – New Zealand Tour Package
New Zealand is understood for the variability of high-quality wine being produced in their vineyards. These vineyards are famously known for not adopting the traditional model of growing grapes on a personal estate then manufacturing them into wine with their own equipment.